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In more than century now nature education have been a global tools towards acquisition of knowledge, skills and understanding of local environmental problems to help our community attain positive plans consist of solutions and solve the existing problem.

This package offers special and important tool to students by giving them tentative time table that will allow them to get direct exposure to nature and conduct simple field scientific research and draw answers from samples, visit most famous historical sites that will help them understand the reality of nature and species survival. This program takes 15 days while leaving students competent in their classes at science, social science and English language, join nature programs improve your competency also will allow students and parents to visit Gombe National Park/Manyara National Park, Mikumi National Park, Zanzibar, Unguja, and Mbudya Islands. The itinerary gives students extra time to explore local African nature sites by applying scientific methodology also they will contribute to local schools or community projects.

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    Itinerary Cost: $ 1,650 USD

  • 6 Nights & 7 Noons
  • Supporting school-based environmental projects around Kilimanjaro National Park through Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots and Scouting including:
  • o Composting, o Life Skills, Adventure, Camping o Gardening, and o Soil Maintenance.
  • Introduction to African Nature & Environmental overview
  • Attending local village and local traditional dance at final day noon
  • Conducting African BBQ at night during the program
  • Signature of Mangrove Conservation Nature book as donation of $100 USD to the Mangrove Rehabilitation Project
  • Enjoy Nature view from Moshi Town to Kilimanjaro Mountain during pickup at the airport
  • Visit Mikoko Scout Group Office and Mikoko Tours & Safaris for trip signature project before departure to Kilimanjaro Airport or to KINAPA
Program Introduction and overview

Travel from the Home country to Julius Kambarage Nyerere International –AIRPORT. Mikoko Tours & Safaris (MTS) will be responsible to wait for the visitors until they arrive and then pick up to Morogoro and camp at Bahati National Scout Camp.

SUA learning site

Take a bus to Apopo and Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) where students will learn about organic agriculture and care of animals and the animals IQ, After completing the session students will move from SUA to Bahati Scout Campsite for the preparation of trip to mountain climb and lean about nature facts in relation to terrestrial ecosystem. Students shall lean how to cook Tanzanian local food sharing some experiences with Tanzanian scouts.

Climb Uluguru Mountain to the top of the mountain by three hours hick to see the view of Morogoro town and city distribution, learning about formation of rocks and see rock cycle, meeting youth scout group at Kisoso village where they shall be able to visit the village government and see about Health plans and be the part of helping millions of young individual in creating better world.

Visitors will be able to visit Morning side for camping and learn how to get involved with true African nature

Visitors will take a trip to Bondwa where they will actually see the importance of ecosystem to human communities and lean about Uluguru mountain and the type of nature existing at the place, Visit Water fall where they shall be able to observe the source of water that is useful to Tanzania and able to sustain and used by more than 14 millions of Tanzanians including Morogoro, Coast, Tanga and Dar es salaam regions individuals. Return to Bahati National Scout Camp and get the history of the place then students will spend their day at the forest learning about simple scientific research and start identifying species in the forest and spend a day in the nature library. Students will prepare themselves with the trip to Dar es salaam.

Visitors will travel to Dar es salaam from Morogoro and see the view of Morogoro town and they shall be able to do a hike around Morogoro town where they may be able to meet Morogoro Regional Commissioner then get to Morogoro Bust Terminal to take a bus to Dar es salaam, Students will go direct to Tanzania Scouts Association Head Quarters where they shall get a place for camping and start soil demonstration lecture and help Mikoko Scout Group in creating better world initiatives through establishment of seedling garden. Help youth group in the establishment of Chicken project by handling a campaign of "save & Care for animals..."

Morning: Visit Salt makers local industry in Mbweni, Soap makers, Meeting with women group at Mbweni, Visit and conduct simple field research at Mbweni Magrove site in Mbweni where is the center of Mikoko Tours & Safaris activities also Nature Learning Site named as Mangrove Nature Conservation Center (MNCC). Afternoon: Having Lunch and start a trip to Mbudya Island where they will having fun and beach games at the island, prepare themselves for camping and start preparations for dinner.

Visitors will take a boat to World Water then take a bus to Ferry from Tegeta area, taking a boat to Zanzibar Island where they shall visit Ngome Kongwe, Historical Slave Trade Market, visit Darajani area where they will meet Zanzibar Scouts and do some voluntary jobs at Darajani then moving to Bububu and Chukwani areas where they shall take at sleep at Scout Camping site and experience their night at Scout area and enjoy their night at Zanzibar Island the world heritage island where many events have been taken place and mentioned in the world history.

Take a trip to the Nungwi area and enjoy some beach at Zanzibar where they will learn about the relationship of mangrove and salt ocean water, visit scouts youth groups conduct some discussions and enjoy the day with scout commissioner for Zanzibar.

Travel to Kilimanjaro Airport where visitors will take a trip to climb mountain Kilimanjaro to support Youth Enterprise in conservation initiatives along conservation sites in Tanzania specifically nature conservation sites in Kilimanjaro, Group of scouts will lead visitors to the local projects in Kilimanjaro and Arusha region where visitors will learn a lot of scout model in Tanzania, visitors will sleep at scouts families to learn about maasai culture.

Spend a day with Arusha Scouts and working at Orphan Center play with kids and take a sleep at scouts families in Arusha to learn more about culture.

Visitors will go to Arusha National Park where they will visit and see the following in the park lake Momela, observe flamingos, Giraffe, Zebra, leopards and spotted hyenas. After the trip visitors will be back to scouts families.

Travelling to Tanga for Amboni Carve and visit Mangrove site where they will observe different types of mangrove along the sea shores. Visitors will visit scout families for the night and keep study about African culture.

Go to Dar es salaam for day camp at Mangrove Nature Conservation Center and learn deeply about costal and marine ecosystem.

Visitors will spend a day at scout families and learn on how to do some few activities at home and learn about real African life, at the evening there will be evening party with certificates to participants and this will make the program to become much active and fruitful to participants.

Take a rest in Dar es salaam prepare for the trip back to home countries

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