Saadani National Park

Experience the nature you want through observing the bush that meets the ocean.

In more than century now nature education have been a global tools towards acquisition of knowledge, skills and understanding of local environmental problems to help our community attain positive plans consist of solutions and solve the existing problem.

Mikoko Tours & Safaris have been a good example towards helping community around mangrove forest understand about the importance of conservation and how to go through sustainable development goals. To achieve this volunteers have been a strongest part to make it happen. Mikoko Tours & Safaris have been the eco-tourism tool to support raise of money to support Mangrove Rehabilitation Project (MRP) in which we have decide to support plantation of more than 1,000,000 mangroves at the coast of Indian Ocean. Become part of creating better world through serving marine ecosystem in Tanzania.

About Saadani National Park

This is the best program in scouting as had been a long term scouting spirit and Mikoko Scout Group had been able to expand the level and boundary of voluntarism to its members where we are the group of 120 people located along side of marine ecosystem serving more than 10000 individuals per year through our best Mikoko Programs. Our volunteers with partners such as Vodacom Tanzania Foundation and Nabaki Afrika Ltd had together planted about 27,000 mangroves in Tanga and Dar es salaam centers that we are conserving.

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Why Saadani National Park

This is the very beautiful opportunity offered by Mikoko Scout Group through its best environmental activities that have been demonstrated to the community around mangrove forest. Currently volunteers are only being placed in the Dar es Salaam Region. Volunteer placement occurs twice per year in January/February and June/July. Volunteer positions are for a minimum of six months. Shorter term placements are not being considered at this time. Depending on volunteer skills and experience, key responsibilities could include, for short term volunteer position available at Saadani National Park

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    Cost: $ 1,380 USD

  • 3 Nights & 4 Noons
  • Supporting school-based environmental projects around Saadani National Park including:
  • o Composting, o Gardening, and o Soil Maintenance.
  • Introduction to African Nature & Environmental overview
  • Attending Fish Village and local traditional dance at noon
  • Conducting African BBQ at night during the program
  • Signature of Mangrove Conservation Nature book as donation of $50 USD to the Mangrove Rehabilitation Project
  • Enjoy Nature view from Dar es salaam city to Bagamoyo during pickup at the airport
  • Visit Mikoko Scout Group Office and Mikoko Tours & Safaris for trip signature project
    Airport pick up and travel to Saadani National Park

    MTS team will pick you from the Julius Nyerere International Airport (JNIA) or hotel at Dar es salaam and direct you to the Mikoko Scout Group and Mikoko Tours & Safaris for sign the nature book signature project. The tour director will show you the health and safety rules during the trip. The team will allow you to sign the nature signature project as you wish to contribute to the Mikoko Scout Group year plan. The team will bring you back to the hotel or pack to the bus for transportation at the 03:00 PM that you will start the journey to Saadani National Park. At the evening you will sleep at the camp with night games at the camp where you will start describe the map of Saadani National Park and the rest of the remaining days activities.

    The day where you will find your self at the middle of the nature that you want

    Mikoko Tours & Safaris is a nature based tour that will connect you to the nature you want. At the early morning you will wake up and start the birdwatch activity then start to discover types of birds available at Saadani National Park. At the following stage you have to come back at the camp have morning tea then have next step activity you are interested or having animals study by viewing them at the park and have description of each animal in details following the nature standards developed by MTS. At the Noon it is a nature lunch in which the team will take you to the camp and take the luch you want. After the lunch you have to brainstorm while viewing noon nature experience that will be the real nature life of African wildlife. At the approaching time to the evening you will take a route to the other where you will see and observe the river which is the most part that describe Saadani National park and see how the bush meets the ocean. At the night you will take the next step of the life to have nature lesson at the night following with nature dinner at the camp.

    Visit fish village and nature local tour

    Wake up early in the morning starting and start view the nature park with nature lessons. Guide will lead you to the unique nature features of Saadani National Park and brainstorming on the observation you saw the nature that you wanted to see. Continue with tour at the park while having morning tea at the middle of the park while observing the park rules without break any park rules. Session will continue for five hours. At the afternoon the guide will lead you to the next side of the conservation perimeter which will connect you with local community play traditional ngoma (dance), observe fishing village and donate to the one of the local project at the fish village. Evening, return to the camp for final arrangements and observe the park logistics for travel at tomorrow morning.

Return to Dar es salaam for home travel logistics

Make final arrangements then return to Dar es salaam City.

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