Engikaret Bird Watch

Observe Unique birds at Engikaret village.

In more than century now nature education have been a global tools towards acquisition of knowledge, skills and understanding of local environmental problems to help our community attain positive plans consist of solutions and solve the existing problem.

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Itinerary Coming Soon

    Itinerary Cost: $ 650 USD

  • 1 Nights & 2 Noons
  • Supporting school-based environmental projects at Engikaret Village through Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots and Scouting including:
  • o Composting, o Life Skills, Adventure, Camping o Gardening, and o Soil Maintenance.
  • Introduction to African Nature & Environmental overview
  • Attending local village and local traditional dance at final day noon
  • Conducting African BBQ at night during the program
  • Signature of Mangrove Conservation Nature book as donation of $100 USD to the Mangrove Rehabilitation Project and $50 for conservation at Engikaret Birdwatch project
  • Visit Mikoko Scout Group Office and Mikoko Tours & Safaris for trip signature project before departure to Engikaret
Program Introduction and overview

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