Mikoko Tours & Safaris

"The company founded by Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots and Scout members that connects you with nature"

About Mikoko Tours & Safaris (MTS)

The company had founded in 2015 the idea by few youths who are members of Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots Program and latter Few Scouts join in then the idea got shared between Scouts & Roots & Shoots members. Then after the training provided by Mweva the project got strong foundation through digital marketing strategies. This is a project from the work of Mweva and Mikoko Scouts Group, it got strong movement after the training from Mweva that was conducted at Tanzania Scouts Headquarters to teach Scouts in the use of digital tools to promote and market local tourism.

The project aims to create jobs, promote local tourism and the proceeds from the project are to be used by Rover Scouts to teach ICT skills to the marginalized communities.


Conservation is a core and very sensitive issue for Mikoko Tours & Safaris (MTS) when promoting community and exposing those communities to nature with the aim of making and creating committed ambassadors helping to create a better world.


Mikoko Tours & Safaris extends Scouting efforts through promoting eco-tourism to help environmental conservation and empower communities around the conservation areas in Tanzania through funding scout groups.

Capacity Building

Mikoko Tours & Safaris has developed its members skills in scientific research by introducing them to nature and sending them on observations or to carry out small scale studies that are fun and encourage networking and a sense of achievement.


MTS develops participant’s knowledge and skills towards using technology resources during field studies that will help them observe, record, collect, analyse and interpret nature data into statistical presentations.

100% Voice

MTS help participants in the field by providing them with correct information about nature and conservation that will help them share information with others and develop their network into a Global voice for nature in Scouting.

Data Record

MTS develops participants to a high level of understanding on how to record the number of species observed in the field and its importance towards supporting nature conservation strategies, decision and policy making.

We are committed to support plantation of 1 million mangroves in five years to support environmental conservation in Tanzania and East Africa Do you want to join our efforts to support and save African Nature? Register for the trip now to support conservation in Tanzania


Mikoko Tours & Safaris is committed to support local scouts groups towards conservation of mangroves

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Make donations

Support our campsite to develop the strategy of nature conservation to the community through outdoor, camping and adventure

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Connecting to Nature

Expose people to nature have been long term goal of Mikoko Tours & Safaris through conducting nature sessions

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Fun & Games

Our clients have been much happier and enjoy to spend their time with us in nature camps and have fun while learning

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Our Team

Olais K. Raphael

Founder & Managing Partner

Ludao Nyange

Director of Administration

Nehemia C. Mudara

Director of Education & Training

Jackson Paul Makulilo

Director of Sales & Marketing

Barnaba Buhombe

Director of International Students

Daniel P. Meshack

Director of Volunteer Department

Lulu S. Bajeleke

Head of Education & Training

Daniel M. Raphael

Head of Driving & Mechanics
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