Mikoko Tours & Safaris is committed to support local scouts groups towards conservation of mangroves

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Support our campsite to develop the strategy of nature conservation to the community through outdoor, camping and adventure

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Connecting to Nature

Expose people to nature have been long term goal of Mikoko Tours & Safaris through conducting nature sessions

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Fun & Games

Our clients have been much happier and enjoy to spend their time with us in nature camps and have fun while learning

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Travel Naturalist Program

Enjoy Nature classes from experienced nature trainers who will help your kids to learn science through environment also we provide Physical Education Skills to kids between 2 yrs to 18 yrs and Adults.

In more than century now nature education have been a global tools towards acquisition of knowledge, skills and understanding of local environmental problems to help our community attain positive plans consist of solutions and solve the existing problem.

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Course Description

    Program Cost:

    $ 100 USD/Year/Student (For Indoor Classes)

    $ 1,500 Selection One Outdoor Package/Year/Student (Upcountry Tours)

    $ 2,500 Selection Two Outdoor Package/Year/Student (International Tour)

    Club Name is "Travel Naturalist Club"

    10,000/= Tsh/Session/Student

    Register on AKIRA Members information management system

    Participate one up country nature tour

    Participate one international nature tour

    Register 4 sessions/month and 32 sessions/year

    Participate 1 Nature & Environmental Youth Camp

    Register for 5 Nature Tests

    Submit two Nature Assignments

    Submit one Nature Scientific Project

    Receive 1 T-shirt, Scarf, Badges + Nature Belt and Adventure Pack

    Course Brief

    Hello and WELCOME to Travel Naturalist Course. Over the 120 hours you will learn about the meaning and value of nature and conservation across time, place and cultures. A number of academic disciplines will be drawn on to inform our understanding of the anthropology, geography, sociology, and economic implications of leisure and tourism as well as their relationship to technology, and the ways they are represented and reflected in popular culture. The theoretical implications of deviant or taboo leisure such as local dancing, indigenous building are discussed and the growing need for sustainability in conservation, leisure and tourism is explored. The various ways leisure and tourism services and systems are deployed are analyzed. The class is delivered completely nature classes (indoor sessions) and field based classes (outdoor programs).

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Explain the meaning and value of leisure in meeting environmental, physical, psychological, and sociological needs of individuals and communities.
  • Articulate the nature of leisure and tourism across time and cultures.
  • Synthesize the concepts of leisure and tourism and discuss key issues relating to their anthropology, geography, biology & Social aspects.
  • Explicate current trends and key future issues in leisure and tourism in relation to conservation.
  • Discuss how leisure and tourism are represented in popular culture and leveraged as marketing tools.
  • Articulate the theoretical implications of deviant and taboo leisure and tourism.
  • Articulate the theoretical implications of environmental conservation & natural resources management.
  • Conceptualize innovative private sector leisure/tourism service delivery systems and their implications from a range of theoretical perspectives.
  • This course is delivered completely in class, outdoor, online and includes assigned readings, videos, and online lectures. Students are responsible for the course material covered in class. Nature Course Coordinator will be employed to make most course-related communication, syllabus, online lectures, and assignments available to students. In addition, students will be utilizing Open Course Blog to post some completed assignments. In case of lack of familiarity with the Mikoko Open Course system, please obtain immediate training through course coordinator.

  • Required to attend at least 90 hours lectures and one including 20 hours indoor lecture sessions and 70 hours for outdoor programs/sessions.
  • Each member required to pay session fees for indoor programs with signature on the attendance list with approvals on the AKIRA information management system, membership fee cost 10,000 Tsh/session.
  • Members may require the Sports packages from Mikoko Tours & Safaris through school administration with extra payments from this lesson plan.
  • Each member has to attend one National or International Nature Tour to complete the course for certificate and badges at the end of the course.
  • Each member has to register to AKIRA system with the age under 18 has to register under supervision of his/her parents.
  • Every member has to adhere and sign Youth & Child Protection Policy, Travel Naturalist Procedures, Rules & Regulations (PRR) and meet membership requirements.
  • No payments shall be made to individual only the transactions of payments shall be made between clients and Mikoko Tours & Safaris (MTS).

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